Why use LED light fixtures

LED light fixtures are one of the newest trends in the modern home renovation arena. In recent years, LED lights were refined so that they now give off comparable brightness and pleasant color temperature that regular bulb gives off, while using less energy. You may not find these in many homes yet, but due to their environmental benefits, they will soon be found in many homes and offices around the globe.


LED light fixtures provide many benefits and only a few drawbacks. The biggest benefit, however, has to be its long term cost effectiveness. The main difference between the incandescent light bulb and LED lights is their energy efficiency. While LEDs convert about 80% of its energy used into light, and only 20% is lost as heat, incandescent light bulbs burn exactly the opposite. Eighty percent of the energy used is lost as heat, and only 20% is converted to light.

The energy saving provides a very compelling reason for home owners and business managers alike to do further investigation: maybe switching to LED light fixtures is worthwhile to cut back on total lighting cost. And the outcome is that LED lighting is rising quickly to popularity from those who wish to go green, and is making quite an impact to those who simply wish to cut back on their energy spending.

The primary concern for home owners is probably cost. And quite frankly, upfront cost for LED lightings are expensive comparing to traditional incandescent lighting. However, if one does the math correctly, the upfront cost for LED light fixtures will be spread over many years of its useful life span, and operating the LED lights only cost a fraction of energy required by incandescent bulbs. These translate into substantial monetary saving over time.

Businesses have additional maintenance concern for lighting. Every time a light burnt out, somebody has to be called in to put in a new one. In the meantime, the business will observe a drastic drop in their employee productivity, assuming their employees can still work at all. Switching to LED lighting will ensure the business have the minimum distraction due to lighting failure. Lighting related costs for an office building will stumble to ridiculous amounts. Not only do the light fixtures have to be changed less often, the need to store up a large amount of lighting inventory for burnt out is greatly reduced.





Currently there is a concerted effort for governments all over the world to phrase out incandescent light bulb. And this created a great window of opportunity for LED lighting, because it is a more energy efficient solution comparing to CFL.

LED light fixtures are in our future. They are already here, though still high on upfront costs. With rapid expansion in production capacity, the price for LED lighting products will go down in the not so distance future, and soon they will be found in billions of homes and offices.

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  • Ceiling mount LED light fixtures
    LED light fixtures
    16 3w LED candelabra bulbs had been used with this ceiling mount light fixtures
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    LED spot lights
    LED spot lights provides that perfect highlight for your art piece
  • LED light bulbs
    LED light bulbs
    A warm white LED light bulb is being placed inside of this light fixture with dome shell shape
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    LED light fixtures with different color temperatures
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